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What else do we get up to?

On a trip to America in 2007, we were driving along Big Sur in the desperate hope of catching a glimpse of a whale. That didn’t happen but something wonderful did! We came across a welcoming cafe, sitting in a woodland glade. Hungry, thirsty and ready to kill one another, we decided to stop off for something to eat and drink. We were welcomed and taken to a table outside. The sun was blazing down and we immediately felt like new, reenergised, better people. The food was delicious. To the left of us, two men started to get equipment out of boxes and began prepping for something…then it happened…one man started to play his saxophone and the other opened his mouth to let out the most incredible voice we had ever heard. We sat there for hours in awe, eating, drinking and savouring the atmosphere. People were dancing and absolutely loving it. After the most memorable afternoon we had experienced on the trip, we all stood up to get on our way. Hilariously, Jennie had sat on some red berries in her white linen trousers, sweat from the heat had sadly caused her to have crimson dots squashed into her shorts similar to a tye dye affect…how embarrassing, she left quickly! But that’s beside the point…people were relaxed and loving every minute.

This year we have taken a turn away from our larger musical events as we have such a busy year. We have ‘The Bar’ open every Saturday (please call prior to visiting in case of private events). We are also hoping to start Pizza Oven nights on Fridays around mid to the end of Summer so watch this space!

We couldn’t plan the year without doing at least ONE musical extravaganza!! We thought long and hard, and listened to your feedback and decided to re-book ‘The Stumble’. This band is the most amazing blues band, and they are local too!!!

So come and join us on 16th June 2018 for our Summer Solstice Party to mark not only the longest day of the year, but also the return of the best band you will hear all year! 

Fires lit, fairy lights on, sun booked, relaxing necessary, grooving essential…!

Tickets are priced at £10pp 

We have events going on throughout the year – Check here to see updates and our Bar Nights

Contact us to book your place on any Bar Evenings that are up your street.

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