Let us tell you why Spring Cottage is so special...

Welcome to Spring Cottage Cafe Rivington Lancashire

As a family, we have grown up in Rivington Village, attending the local primary school, celebrating marriages and christenings in the local Parish Church and being part of, what can only be described as one of the closest knit communities around.

Rivington is beautiful and is well known to local walkers for its picturesque setting. As a family, we are very protective of Rivington’s environment and wish to do our upmost to preserve the natural element in which we live. Not only is there history shining through, there is also lots of nature to admire including wildlife. Close by to Spring Cottage there is a small wooded area where we often see Deer – this is now known by the family as Deer HQ.

When it was confirmed that Spring Cottage would be ours, we decided to tell family and close friends our plans. Grandma Linda was overjoyed when she found out, and told us of times she would visit her old friends Ellen Hilton and Bambi, who lived there in the 1970s. Grandma reflected on times they would all sit on the balcony, looking over the large lawn whilst listening to the running stream and eating afternoon tea. Idyllic!

We also have our own fond memories of Spring Cottage as Rosie attended the nursery based here when she was a little girl. She can recall playing outside in the sun and enjoying beans on toast for lunch. Jennie had her wedding here in 2014...a “small affair” which resulted in half of Lancashire being invited!

We opened our doors in May 2016 and haven’t looked back (or taken a breath!). We never dreamt that everyone would love Spring Cottage as much as we do. We started out as just a cafe but have since hosted weddings, celebrations and large musical events. If you haven’t been to see us then come for a coffee, we promise you won’t be disappointed.

All the very best,

Judith, Rosie and Jennie xxx


Mother and two daughters