The perfect party. A relaxed vibe in a beautiful setting and some really great music…


On a trip to America in 2007, we were driving along Big Sur in the desperate hope of catching a glimpse of a whale... That didn’t happen but something wonderful did! We came across a welcoming cafe, sitting in a woodland glade. Hungry, thirsty and ready to kill one another, we decided to stop off for something to eat and drink. We were welcomed and taken to a table outside. The sun was blazing down and we immediately felt like new, reenergised, better people. The food was delicious.

To the left of us, two men started to get equipment out of boxes and began prepping for something...then it man started to play his saxophone and the other opened his mouth to let out the most incredible voice we had ever heard. We sat there for hours in awe; eating, drinking and savouring the atmosphere. People were dancing and absolutely loving it. After the most memorable afternoon we had experienced on the trip, we all stood up to get on our way. Hilariously, Jennie had sat on some red berries in her white linen trousers, sweat from the heat had sadly caused her to have crimson dots squashed into her shorts similar to a tye dye embarrassing, she left quickly! But that’s beside the point...people were relaxed and loving every minute.

When we were thinking of things we could do at Spring Cottage it was that afternoon that stuck in our minds. Ok, so we can’t offer California, but we can offer the relaxed afternoon with a beautiful setting and some really great music with a cold beer in one hand and enough space to wave your other hand in the air whilst doing some amazing dance moves in your chair – or you can stand and lose control of your whole body – it’s your choice and we don’t judge.

In 2017 Jennie felt that Spring Cottage hosting as a cafe, wedding venue and room hire wasn’t enough and so decided to plan a year of events! We had everything from boozy blues afternoons to sausage and ale evenings and everything in between. She scoured the UK for amazing food, great music and any props she could muster to make the day as memorable as possible. Each event has so far been a sell out with tickets selling quicker than they could be printed. Keep a look out on our Facebook for our most up to date events, or send us a message.

Private Hire

Since opening we have hosted some memorable celebrations; Christenings, Birthdays, Engagement Parties, etc. with everyone having their own ideas for the way they want their party to go.

Customers have the option of private dining in our snug cafe room or exclusive hire and making Spring Cottage their own! Please download our brochure which explains more about the options available.

If you have a celebration in mind then please let us know. We would be more than happy to offer you a quote.